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Syrenia ref by kittenAX
Syrenia ref
awwwww she is sooooooo cute i guss she kinda is a au oc.

Name: syrenia shiba
Gender: famle
Race: shinigami/arrancar 
Family: arron/kaien(father)Miyako Shiba(mother) kai (big brother)Kūkaku Shiba(aunt)Ganju Shiba(uncel)Eron(onii)Steven(onii)bashi(onee) 
Sexuality: stright
Status taken
Personality:  kindhearted and naive often stupidly naive.has a really bad themper but hard to get mad.she has a mix of  very hight  patience and nothing at all depending on the situation.
Bio: she is child to revived miyako and kaien/arron,(i dont bother is full name.) she grow up with chaing place between kai and in the las noches base and. leather meeting steven/inferno  stared to get a strong bond with they bacomme friends afther Somme time they both look at each other as brother and sister. somme years leter she befrendet eron as also started to get like a brother figure to her. Somme years later she desidet to try out for shinigami academy and soon past with her chilhood friend haberu. 
Like: having funn. haning around with her friends and family. halping. 
Dislike: rude people.yelling. sour things. see others get hurt. enyoing things.

--------Professional Status -----------

Team: temporarily 13 Division 
Partner: haberu
Zanpakutō: a with blue color katana…
Bankai: N/A
From difrent univers OTA :open by kittenAX
From difrent univers OTA :open
not less then 50p sorry i love them so much and spaint much time on them 


2water beast tamer

3 magic user

4 oc
Name: Ikana
Owner: mine

5 summoner
Owner: mine

6 gem.. moonstone

7 galaxian dancer

8 toy maker
Owner: Paralyztic

9 class chenger
Owner:  Paralyztic

10 samurai/warrior
Owner: i mybe keep dis handsome devil

1) Choose one of your own characters (OC). (or more)
2) Make them answer the following questions.
3) Then tag at least three people.
4) Feel free to add some questions of your own.

Tara artemis: 

0) your full name or job nickname plizz

Natsumi: natusmi.. i dont have a last or middel name
Tara artemis:  awww really ok fine Tara artemis Wenster
Kyanite: kyanite
Quilu: Quitu Irdenvelar mori
Morganite: moranite
Zarin: zarin severus Wenster
Kunzite: kunzite

1) What gender are you and what is you race?

Natsumi: female and i dont cnow.. mh werewolf mybe
Tara artemis: demigodess and guardian of the tree of like and female
Kyanite: girl and gem
Quilu: female and dragon
Morganite: female gem
Zarin: male wizard and god of alcemyst
Kunzite: female gem

2) whats your age?

Natsumi: *srughs*
Tara artemis:  14-16
Kyanite: uh duno?
Quilu: 500 mybe
Morganite: not sure
Zarin: 500 mybe looks like 20-30
Kunzite: i dont care~Music Note Bullet (Black) - F2U 

3) any spesial talent?

Natsumi: learing anyting i think
Tara artemis: nature and woid magic
Kyanite: healing and controling wind
Quilu: magic and use fire
Morganite: healing
Zarin: potions and alecmy
Kunzite:  controling water

4) any dreams or goal?

Natsumi: i got some
Tara artemis:  ditto
Kyanite: not as i cnow of
Quilu: deeping on what you mean with dreams
Morganite: nop
Zarin: not really 
Kunzite: just hening fit fluo

5) ok do you want a hug?

Natsumi: mmmmh sure
Tara artemis:  yeeeeeeeeeeeees.. whait no um ok
Kyanite: YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES HUGSHamtaro Mouse Emoji-02 (Kawaii) [V1] 
Quilu: mybe
Morganite: sure
Zarin: sorry im not much into hugs
Kunzite: suuuuuuuuuure

6) Do you have any bad habits?

Natsumi: lots
Tara artemis: somme its kinda runs in the family 
Kyanite: i dont cnow.. mybe true trusting
Quilu: yes
Morganite: samme as kya
Zarin: not good to show feelings. short themperd.grompy times to time
Kunzite: im a bit to like my sis i guss and to hyper?

7) What is your favorite food?

Natsumi: nop. 
Tara artemis: no
Kyanite: chocolate?
Quilu: not really
Morganite: nop
Zarin: not really. vell any frouit or food from mom. 
Kunzite: sweeeeeeeeets?

8) What is your favorite ice-cream flavor?

Natsumi: non
Tara artemis: um.. dont cnow really 
Kyanite: chocolate
Quilu: strawberry
Morganite: ditto
Zarin: non 
Kunzite: non is to many to pick T^T

9) Are you a virgin?

Natsumi: w-what.. fu-fuck of
Tara artemis:  um... yeah?
Kyanite: virgin... whats that?
Quilu: yeah?
Morganite: jupp
Zarin: ............ *gos*
Kunzite: um yeah

10) Do you want or do it?

Natsumi: did ninni and dino make dis?
Tara artemis:  mybe
Kyanite: do what?
Quilu: ..............
Morganite: um..
Kunzite: do what?

11) Have you killed anyone?

Natsumi: yeah
Tara artemis:  mybe
Kyanite: nop
Quilu: sure
Morganite:  no
Zarin: yes
Kunzite: i dont think so

12) Do you hate anyone?

Natsumi: ninni and dino
Tara artemis:  ditto
Kyanite: homme gems
Quilu: ninni and dino
Morganite: dito
Zarin: a lot of people
Kunzite: homme world gems

13) Do you have any secrets?

Natsumi: sure
Tara artemis:  wont you like to cnow
Kyanite: no i dont think so
Quilu:  sure
Morganite: um somme
Zarin: ditto
Kunzite: yes

14) What is your favorite season?

Natsumi: summer
Tara artemis:  summer and spring
Kyanite: alll
Quilu: summer
Morganite: alllllllll
Zarin: autumn
Kunzite: summer and spring

15) Who is your best friend(s)?

Natsumi: ceven.and most of keepers family and julien and packo
Tara artemis:  my family
Kyanite: non it wont be fear
Quilu: *laught* kya your going to kill me with your cutness
kya: im sorry T^T
Morganite: lots
Zarin: no..
Kunzite: fluorite

16) What is your favorite drink?

Natsumi: non
Tara artemis: soda 
Kyanite: me too
Quilu: fine vine
Morganite: strawberry or exotic drinks
Zarin: pumking juice.
Kunzite: samme as what ever flourite drinks

17) When is your birthday?

Natsumi: duno
Tara artemis:  samme
Kyanite: birthday?
Quilu: duno
Morganite: um non
Zarin: i dont care
Kunzite: dont cnow

18) What is the oddes ting you hade to do?

Natsumi: digging up a viligar from the roof
Tara artemis:  um non
Kyanite: non
Quilu: sorry cant tell
Morganite: non
Zarin: geting my kids out of a coldren..
Kunzite: first time i and fluo fast fused

19) Are you social or shy?

Natsumi: bothe
Tara artemis:  samme
Kyanite: social i love people
Quilu:  depeeding on my mood
Morganite: i love people Heart Love 
Zarin: im.... um shy
Kunzite: i like company

20) What do you think of your parents?

Natsumi: dont have any
Tara artemis: they are.. really coooooooool, spesial mam.
Kyanite: parents.. whats that?
Quilu: ok
Morganite: dont have
Zarin: really nice
Kunzite: dont have

21) What's your weakness? aither fysisk or im mind

all: gos

-22) How long can you stay under water?-(old)

Natsumi: uuh im what?
Tara artemis: 
Kyanite: here let me fix dis

new 22) if you can get one thing in the world. what wil it me? (has to be a item or food)

Natsumi: okay.. um luck?
Tara artemis:  mh noting
Kyanite: chocolate tons and tons of it
Quilu: *laught*
Morganite: oh samme here
Zarin: noting
Kunzite: a mounten of sweets

23) What do you do on a daily basis?

Natsumi: evry day stuff 
Tara artemis:  samme
Kyanite: halping my friends
Quilu: ditto
Morganite: ditto
Zarin: teaching ungreatfull children
Kunzite: halping flou or swiming
24) do you love somme body?

Natsumi: eeeh- um mybe..
Tara artemis: .......................... no
Kyanite: i love my friends? if what you meant
Quilu: nop
Morganite: yes
Zarin: no
Kunzite: wont you like to cnow

25) do you think the perosne love you back?

Natsumi: i uh..
Tara artemis: no
Kyanite: oooooooh that whas what you meant
Quilu: didt you hear me
Morganite: yes
Zarin: i never ever thing of that
Kunzite: dont think so

26) What's your favorite band or singer?

Natsumi: never heard any of it
Tara artemis:  ryu
Kyanite: um is unfamiliar to me
Quilu: Al.and lilith
Morganite: non
Zarin: my kids
Kunzite: dont have any

27) Ever worn a dress?

Natsumi: no
Tara artemis: no 
Kyanite: yes
Quilu: yea
Morganite: yes
Zarin: no
Kunzite: nop

28) What do you consider fun in the day-time?

Natsumi: magic or cooking
Tara artemis:  flying and be with my spesial friend
Kyanite: halping my friends
Quilu: samme
Morganite: samme
Zarin: brewing and reading. and time with family
Kunzite: swiming or be with the sea or halping fluorite

29) At night?

all: sleeping?

30) Ever kissed anyone?

Natsumi: not in a romantic way
Tara artemis:  samme
Kyanite: samme
Quilu: samme
Morganite: samme
Zarin: samme
Kunzite: samme
31) ...Of the same gender?

all: mo?

32) What's your favorite thing?

Natsumi: scarf
Tara artemis:  neckless
Kyanite: noting
Quilu: samme
Morganite: noting
Zarin: family neckless
Kunzite: a ribbon i got from my sis

34) What's your favorite color?

Natsumi: non
Tara artemis: samme 
Kyanite: non
Quilu: non
Morganite: non
Zarin: dark ones
Kunzite: non

35) When was the last time you cried?

all: eeeeeeeh

36) Are you crazy?

Natsumi: a bit
Tara artemis:  samme
Kyanite: nop
Quilu:  the healfy
Morganite: nop
Zarin: no
Kunzite: no

37) do you have any hobbys?

all: no

38) What´s your nickname?

all. ask ninni

39) any great wish?

Natsumi: one
Tara artemis: samme 
Kyanite: no
Quilu: mmh somme
Morganite: non
Zarin: mmmh
Kunzite: nop
40) happy dis is over soon?

all: yeeeeeeeeees

41) hate to pop your bubble but not quit done

Natsumi: fuck you
Tara artemis:  i say the samme
Kyanite: ooh
Quilu: *sigh*
Morganite: ok
Zarin: fine
Kunzite: aww common

43)  do you think you ever want to have a parnter?

Natsumi: sure
Tara artemis: yeah
Kyanite: is somthing i must have it wil be funn to try
Quilu: samme
Morganite: i have
Zarin: samme as kya
Kunzite: samme

44) any spesefic you wil like or want in a partner?

Natsumi:  kinde carring friendly
Tara artemis:  samme 
Kyanite: i guss they are ok how i look and personality
Quilu: mh i wil say the samme as natsumi with somme protetive and funny
Morganite: i have one
Zarin: mh i dont have any spesial preferens
Kunzite: ditto

45) if you didt have the talent you have. what other thing wil you have gone with your life?

Natsumi: neh
Tara artemis: samme  
Kyanite: human?
Quilu: nop
Morganite: human it seems funny
Zarin: no
Kunzite: sanne as morgan

46) aaaaaaaaaaand we are done. almost tagg?

Natsumi: i would tagg ceven but nah.
Tara artemis:  non
Kyanite: my new freiends
Quilu: non
Morganite: samme
Zarin: samme
Kunzite: flourite
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  • Reading: non
  • Playing: WoW.pokemon t.mindcraft
  • Eating: non
  • Drinking: soda


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