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1) Choose one of your own characters (OC). (or more)
2) Make them answer the following questions.
3) Then tag at least three people.
4) Feel free to add some questions of your own.



1) What gender are you and what is you race?

alia:err light creature female
mitsuki:  samme as alia female
naoto: galevia and female
miyabi: twilight witch and female
envia: feary witch hybrid and female
eris: demon bunny female
tiana: twilight witch female

2) What is your age?

alia:... age... mh
mitsuki: i have no idea
naoto: ... errr duno?
miyabi: arund 20-40
envia: i have that plasure to not tell you
eris: .... like in what kinde age are you intrest in?
me: human
eris: errr. arund 20-30 mybe
tiana: samme 

3) Do you want a hug?

alia: sure ^^
mitsuki:  sure ^^
naoto: s-sure
miyabi: mmmh mybe
envia: no thanks
eris: only if you are my friend or daniel.
tiana: sure

4) Do you have any bad habits?

alia:.. *blushes and talking to her self*
mitsuki:  no?
naoto: mybe be a bit too curiuse
miyabi:  my themper 
envia: where shall i start?
eris: im eating jawelles?
tiana: im no.. um mybe turn dos as are mean to my friends into plantts

5) What is your favorite food?

alia: japanses
mitsuki:  samme
naoto: strawberry
miyabi: samme
envia: cherry
eris: oh me to
tiana: i dont have. 

6) What is your favorite ice-cream flavor?

alia: vanilla.. no strawberry... i dont cnow
mitsuki:  chocolate,banna
naoto: what is ice-cream?
miyabi: i ask the samme question
envia: is somme sort of human dessert.
eris: i dont eat it to cold.. mybe if daniel chare.
tiana: strawberry

7) Are you a virgin?

alia: n-n-no
mitsuki: yes
naoto: yes
miyabi: tes
envia: yes
eris: yes
tiana: yes

8) Do you want or do it?

alia:..................... *gos*
mitsuki: he?
naoto: .... uh......... oh OH *blushes*
miyabi: what?
envia: err
eris: uh?
tiana: mh?

9) Have you killed anyone?

alia: no
mitsuki: no 
naoto: no.
miyabi: mybe
envia: kinda
eris: sure
tiana: yes...

10) Do you hate anyone?

alia: no
mitsuki: no 
naoto: not really
miyabi: somme.
envia: deepends
eris: somme
tiana: deepeds

11) Do you have any secrets?

alia: mybe
mitsuki: no only resepi 
naoto: no.. err mybe?
miyabi: nop
envia: mybe
eris: why shuld i tell you
tiana: mybe.. no

12) What is your favorite season?

alia: non
mitsuki: non
naoto: non
miyabi: non
eris: non
tiana: spring

13) Who is your best friend(s)?

alia: err im not telling it mybe not be safe
mitsuki:  i agree
naoto: um my bf
miyabi: somme
envia: .. why shuld i tell you?
eris: samme
tiana: samme

14) What is your favorite drink?

alia: err wharm chocolate
mitsuki: oh samme 
naoto: mmh chocolate with marsmellow 
miyabi: sake
envia: tae.
eris: uh dont have
tiana: samme

15) When is your birthday?

alia:...  thats a good question i cant remember
mitsuki:  samme
naoto: err duno
miyabi: i dont think we have the samme calaender
envia:.. is 09.10 
eris: duno havet care to ask i cant ask anywhy....
tiana: duno

16) What age did you die?

alia: err what?
mitsuki: im not a undead
naoto: uh?
miyabi: go homme question you are drunk
envia: ... deepends on your prespektiv of death. like are your heart broken. or mental..
eris: i cant make sence of dis
tiana: err duno?

18) Are you social or shy?

mitsuki: social
naoto: a bit shy
miyabi: social
envia: shy
eris: social
tiana: social
19) What do you think of your parents?

alia: duno? i dont cnow if i hade somme
mitsuki:  samme
naoto: ok
miyabi: awsome.
envia: ok
eris: vert nice i miss them
tiana: samme here

20) What's your weakness?

alia: it is.. im not stupid im not telling you
mitsuki: samme
naoto: my wings
miyabi: duno.. i never tryid and it deepends
envia: it deepend on what you are meaning with weakness. be more spesefic
eris: darkness, like in magic 
tiana: fire kinda

21) How long can you stay under water?

alia:what supid
mitsuki:  question is that
naoto: duno
miyabi: samme
envia: samme
eris: very looooong
tiana: duno

22) What do you do on a daily basis?

alia: be with my master and friend.. and lover mybe
mitsuki: be with my boyfriend and master
naoto: be with oke
miyabi: working
envia: working
eris: be with daniel if he dosnt ask me to do anyting els,. now sitting homme and im so bord
tiana: halping mana.

23) do you love somme body?

alia: y-yes
mitsuki: yeah and?
naoto: jupp oke~
miyabi: no
envia: mybe
eris: why shuld i tell you?
tiana: mybe ok i do

24) do the perosne love you back

alia: i tihink so
mitsuki: yes, if not he wont be my bf
naoto: yes
miyabi: what?
envia: no
eris: duno
tiana: duno

25) What's your favorite band or singer?

alia: mmmh.. it remeber me i really dont have time for dis
mitsuki: samme kinda
naoto: i dont have
miyabi: samme
envia: samme
eris: i havent think of it
tiana: samme

26) Ever worn a dress?

alia: yes
mitsuki: yes
naoto: yepp
miyabi: no
envia: no
eris: nop and never.. vell mybe... if dani ask~
tiana: i think you have a crush
eris: a shut up
tiana: and yes i have

27) What do you consider fun in the day-time?

alia: duno... right now noting is really fun
mitsuki:  cooking
naoto: duno lots of tings
miyabi: tranning
envia: reading
eris: digging
tiana: reading or haling mana

28) At night?

all: sleeping

29) Ever kissed anyone?

alia: yes
mitsuki:  jupp
naoto: *blushes* y.yes
miyabi: no
envia: no
eris: no
tiana: no

30) ...Of the same gender?

alia: nop
mitsuki:  no
naoto: no
miyabi: no
envia: no
eris: nop
tiana: no

31) What's your favorite thing to touch?

alia:..errr duno?
mitsuki:  uh yeah duno?
naoto:  fluffy things
miyabi: err uh? 
envia: non
eris: non
tiana: non

33) What's your favorite color?

alia:.. non
mitsuki: non
naoto: mmh blue
miyabi: non
envia: non
eris: non
tiana:i dont have

34) When was the last time you cried?

alia:... err i have to go
mitsuki: duno
naoto: samme
miyabi: dont have
envia: samme
eris: samme... whan your mother dead
tiana: mhm

35) Do you have a pet?

alia: no
mitsuki: no 
naoto: no
miyabi: nop
envia: no
eris: no
tiana: kinda

37) Are you crazy?

alia: no
mitsuki: no 
naoto: no
envia:deepes on your defenision on crazy
eris: a bit 
tiana: no

38) do you have any hobbys?

alia: cooking
mitsuki:  samme
naoto: uh dont have
miyabi: samme
envia: reading and collating books
eris: coleting gems
tiana: dont have

39) What´s your nickname?

all: ask ninni

4o) any great wish?

alia: that froggy sister comems back.. my poor litte thing..
mitsuki: samme.
naoto: non i have my wishies. 
miyabi: non as i can think of
envia:........... mh yes
eris: halping them in general
tiana: samme

41) what do you do if your lover stopts love you?

alia: ... i.. duno i guss noting wil be difrent just a proffesonal job
mitsuki:  samme.
naoto: he wont..
miyabi: ..........
envia: .............
eris: err
tiana: .. that is a question

42) tagg?

naoto: oke?
miyabi: non
envia: non
eris: non
tiana: non
dino: root.
tiana: you arnt even inn here dino,
dino: so?
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